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These are some of the most beautiful and amazing places in the world you should visit.

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What’s new in Great Britain and Ireland for 2016

London seems intent on building itself out of any economic recession — ask a local to point out one of the many distinct skyscrapers decorating the skyline, and you’ll find that Londoners have given them clever descriptive nicknames (“the Gherkin,” “the Cheese Grater,” and “the Walkie-Talkie,” to name a few). Most new buildings come with a viewing deck that’s open to the public. The One New Change shopping center, just east of St. Paul’s Cathedral, has a public park-like space on the roof terrace, with great views of the church. And the towering London Hilton on Park Laneskyscraper has an unforgettable viewpoint lounge on the 28th floor.

London’s Tate Modern art museum is expanding with a new wing that will double the exhibition space when it officially opens in June (parts of it are open before then). At the Orbit, London’s Eiffel Tower-like landmark built for the 2012 Olympics, workers are constructing the world’s longest, tallest tunnel slide — slated to open this spring. But visitors should expect some closures, too: The wine-tasting experience Vinopolishas poured its last glass, and at the British Library, the Magna Carta, which celebrated its 800th birthday last year, may be off display for parts of 2016.

Advance booking remains a good move for Britain’s most popular sights. And you can now avoid ticket lines at Westminster Abbey and St. Paul’s Cathedral by booking online; Stonehenge visitors are now required to book a timed-entry ticket before arriving.

In Brighton — a beach resort town directly south of London — the i360 Tower, set to open this summer, will lift tourists 450 feet in a doughnut-shaped elevator for a bird’s-eye view of the city.

Farther to the west, in Bath, the Building of Bath Collection has been renamed the Museum of Bath Architecture. The Roman Baths have added a display of the Beau Street Hoard — more than 17,500 Roman coins that were discovered near the baths.

In the Cotswolds, Northleach’s delightful Keith Harding’s World of Mechanical Music — following Harding’s death and subsequent scandalous revelations in the media about him — is now called the Mechanical Music Museum.

Nearby, Stratford-upon-Avon is marking the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death with some major refurbishments: The Royal Shakespeare Company’s Swan Theatre has opened after a total renovation. And New Place & Nash’s House, a sight showcasing what’s left of one of the houses Shakespeare lived in, is set to reopen this summer.

Up in the Lake District, the Beatrix Potter Gallery in Hawkshead is hosting a special exhibit called “Realism and Romance” to mark the 150th anniversary of Potter’s birth.

Restoration work continues in the ancient city of York. Its Theatre Royal recently reopened after completing a $6 million renovation. Work continues on the Great East Window in the York Minster: The massive, tennis-court-sized window filling the east end of the beloved church may finally be unveiled in 2017.

At Durham Cathedral — England’s greatest Norman church — the new “Open Treasure” exhibit will display a number of treasures, including a 1216 copy of the Magna Carta and items from the Norman/medieval period (when the monks of Durham busily copied manuscripts), the Reformation and the 17th century.

Over in Wales, Caernarfon Castle’s Eagle Tower now houses the “Princes of Wales” exhibit — featuring a chessboard of Welsh and English princes as life-size chess pieces — and a skimpy exhibit on the life of Eleanor of Castile, wife of King Edward I.

Meanwhile, in Ireland: The Republic is preparing for the 100th anniversary of the 1916 Easter Uprising — so this year expect higher lodging prices, longer lines and more traffic snarls. Among events planned, the General Post Office in Dublin — the rebels’ headquarters — will host a “GPO: Witness History” exhibition, and the National Library and Kilmainham Gaol will host temporary exhibits. (For a good prep, be sure to watch the documentary, 1916 The Irish Rebellion, which debuts onAmerican Public Television in March.)

Also in Dublin, look for a new Museum of Tenement Life to open sometime in 2016 (possibly soon to be renamed the 14 Henrietta Street Townhouse Museum). And at the Book of Kells exhibit in the Trinity Old Library, purchasing a ticket online now allows you to skip the line at the entrance. In another sign of changing times, ferries no longer run from Dun Laoghaire (near Dublin) to the UK.

Up in Northern Ireland, a new Discovery Tour, part of the Titanic Belfast museum, explains the striking design and architecture of the new building and the adjacent slipways where the ship was built. And the Museum of Free Derry, currently closed for renovations, should reopen in May with new multimedia exhibits.

Credit: https://www.ricksteves.com/watch-read-listen/read/articles/whats-new-in-great-britain-and-ireland



Looking for distributors in SEA region




Amenity360(Thailand) Co., Ltd has been operated globally for over 15 years. Our company produced and distribute internationally approved and accessories. In addition to our hotel toiletries, Airline Amenity Kits and travel size toiletries, we are also offering ecological hotel Amenities. The Amenity360 Green Label Collection will help you reducing long-term negative environment. We understand that today’s travelers are eco-conscious and committed to green living. As we have decided to expand in South East Asia region. We are now looking for productive distributors in this region such as Vietnam, Singapore, Thailand, Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, South Korea, and Japan. Our office in this region will be based in Bangkok, Thailand. This Thailand’s office will be globally supported Marketing and Sale Team.


Hotel Stuff We Love to Steal






Hotel Stuff We Love to Steal


We’ve all thought about it: An extra towel here, a pair of slippers there … It’s not like the hotel would really notice, right?  U.S. News Travel has identified the items that have the most potential to wind up in guests’ suitcases. (Note: Those mini bottles of shampoo and lotion don’t count. Everyone steals those.) (Read more….)


1. Linens and Towels

With many hotel-towels-stresshotels boasting high thread-count sheets and oversized bath towels, it’s easy to see why guests would be tempted to re-stock their linen closets while on vacation. Of the 34 percent of American travelers who confess having stolen hotel amenities, a whopping 14 percent identify those items as fitting nicely on a bed or a towel rack. In contrast, Canadians are far less likely to take the towel and run—only 4 percent of our light-fingered northern counterparts have ever nabbed hotel linens.

2. Books aLangHamQLeague3nd Magazines

Many hotels recognize that vacations are the perfect time to catch up on some light reading, a
nd they prepare for travelers by stocking guestroom and lobby bookshelves with bestsellers. However, not all guests believe in sharing the literary wealth. According to the survey, 12 percent of American hotel bandits leave with a brand new paperback or a glossy publication, and 11 percent of Canadian room-raiders do the same.  

3. “Other”

This includes a hodge-podge of items like sewing kits, pens, coffee, room keys, and even hair dryer bags. It’s these seemingly uninteresting extras that attract 11 percent of American lifters. Canadians, on the other hand, are more inclined to pilfer from the “other” category: These items beckoned to 13 percent of Canadian hotel guests, making them the most commonly stolen objects among Canucks. And if you thought shoeshine kits and shower caps were random, a small percentage of Canadians have also admitted to stealing hotel irons.

4. Bathrobes

Nothing says “the goimagesod life” quite like hunkering down in a fresh, fluffy robe with a glass of wine and a TV remote. But spa-quality bathrobes can be expensive, and some travelers have cut costs by stealing robes directly from the source: hotel and spa rooms. The survey shows that “accidentally” pack
ing a hotel bathrobe is more common in the States than it is in Canada. Out of the 34 percent of Americans that confessed to pocketing in-room amenities, 3 percent have claimed a robe; that’s 2 percent higher than the bathrobe thievery rate among our northern neighbors. 

5. pillows


Hotels make their money by providing travelers with a place to lay their heads, so it makes sense that the more successful establishments boast enviable bed adornments. Of the 34 percent of Americans that reported swiping souvenirs, 2 percent admitted that a hotel pillow found its way home with them. Meanwhile, Canadians are less likely to claim a new head rest, with only 1 percent of bandits checking out with cushions in tow.


Credit: http://travel.usnews.com/features/Hotel_Stuff_We_Love_to_Steal/

picture by: shutterstock.com

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amenity360 opens a fully staffed support, marketing & sales office in bangkok, thailand

third-imgamenity360 opens a fully staffed support, marketing & sales office in bangkok, thailand

The new Bangkok office will in addition to work as a support office to existing distribution offices in the MENA and SEA regions also work as a direct sales office for the Thai market. Manager for the new office will be Tom Morgan, previously account manager for Amenity360 in South America.

Mr. Morgan’s first comment to the plans was, “This is great news since with our constant growth we need this hub to be able to both support our current regional offices but we will also work actively from here to identify new potential markets and develop them.” In a further comment regarding the opening a new local sales office Mr. Morgan added. “-The market in Thailand is

surely filled with a lot of potential, it’s one of the largest and most developed markets in Asia right now and with the Thai government pushing for and expansion of the mid to high level of the market we think it’s a great time for Amenity360 to enter and offer premium products at affordable prices, once we saw the opportunity we jumped right in with the decision to establish a direct sales office there.”

The new office will in addition to offer admin and sales support to the existing offices also offer help with regional marketing and setup of ecommerce for all local offices.